Lettres de soutien

Lettre de soutien – Norges Luftsportforbund

Lettre de soutien – Norges Luftsportforbund

Publié le 26/07/2018 dans Lettres de soutien

« Dear Mr Roth.
It was of great interest to learn of your intention to submit an application for the integration of Indoor Skydiving into the program of the 2024 Olympic Games.
The sport of indoor skydiving is advancing rapidly and gaining new participants. The presentation made by your Federation last January, appears to be in line with the future direction of our sport, and the rapid introduction of wind tunnels throughout the world brings an unprecedented opportunity for development.
The Norwegian Airsports Federation therefore support the project to include Indoor Skydiving as part of the programme of the 2024 Olympic Games, provided that all activities and processes are in full coordination with IPC and FAI.


Rolf Liland, président

John Eirik Laupsa, Secretary General. « 

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