Dynamic, the flagship skydiving discipline

In skydiving, the Dynamic is first seen in 2012, created by two monitors in Botrope. The discipline very quickly established itself as the flagship skydiving discipline. The first, unofficial, competition was organised in December 2012. The sport’s rules were developed during competitions, offering new formats, like the battle or the idea of livestream. Since 2015, the FAI has included the discipline in its official international skydiving competitions.

Dynamic 2 Way

Two competitors per team face off in duels judged on artistry and speed. During these confrontations, they must complete non-stop choreographed movements in three spatial dimensions. They involve multiple diving positions. Whether head-up, flat, head-down or back-down, the competitors are continuous motion. During speed rounds, the judges give penalties for inexact trajectories. The mandatory sequence is judged on speed. During the artistic rounds, the team must develop its own original choreography. This is scored according to different criteria such as technique, synchronisation, fluidity, etc. In D2W, artistic rounds last 60 seconds.

Le Dynamic 4 Way

Dynamic 4 Way is practised in the same way as D2W. Teams have four performers and one substitute.
Rounds are 90 seconds long.

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